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What are the black specks in my Vanilla Honey?Updated 3 months ago

What are the black specks in my Vanilla Honey?

The black specks you will find in your Firebee Vanilla Honey is actually tiny pieces of the vanilla beans that are used to infuse the honey with that delicious vanilla flavor. We take batches of dried vanilla beans and split them by hand to scrape out the vanilla beans inside. All of the beans are added to a large batch of heated honey to infuse it with the vanilla flavor. The honey is then filtered through 400 micron screens before bottling. Tiny specks of vanilla bean can get through the screens and into the bottled honey. Over time if the bottle is left upright and undisturbed these tiny pieces will migrate to the top of the bottle. This is totally normal and expected - all it means is that the next person that gets a serving will have an extra dose of that amazing vanilla flavor! You can also flip the bottle upside down and watch as the pieces of bean slowly migrate upwards again towards the bottom of the bottle. The beans will continue to infuse the honey with vanilla flavor for as long as they are in the bottle.

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